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Yogahhh! Muscle Fitness arnica balm

Post Practice + Fitness Restoring Balm

Tired, sore muscles...?

We have the fix! As we get older, our muscles tend to tire faster, get sore and aches pop up more often. We feel you! We suffered for years with post workout aches and pains, until we tried a product that actually works. Don’t suffer any longer, soothe and cool sore muscles with our Yogahhh! Balm.

-Helps to revitalize and energize muscles after rigorous activities and exercise

-Temporarily relieves minor pain associated with: arthritis - simple backache - muscle strains - sprains - bruises - cramps

-Has a soothing and cooling sensation for sore and injured muscles

-Made with natural essential oils
-No artificial fragrance
-Paraben Free
-Not Tested On Animals


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merkki: Cuccio
koko: 96,1 ml
parasta ennen: 5/2021