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Massage cd-levy

1 Sensual (10.36)
2 Bathes the Senses (7.52)
3 Float Away (11.00)
4 Chamomile Circle (6.30)
5 Circular Pressures (8.30)
6 Gentle Glide (7.36)
7 Refreshed (9.33)

They say: Like the reassuring touch of a professional masseur, Massage by Stuart Jones is a deeply soothing and nurturing hour of beautiful music. Perfect for relaxation and massage therapy, the delicate melodies and gentle flow of exquisite sound from keyboards and strings creates a profoundly peaceful atmosphere in which healing and renewal of body, mind and spirit can be achieved.

An important feature for therapists is that the seamless sequence of music on Massage features no dissonant sounds or tempo changes which may interrupt or distract the client during treatments, ensuring that they will emerge from your care feeling refreshed, relaxed and re-balanced. While gentle hands massage the body, the music will tenderly massage the soul, restoring a deep sense of well-being and inner peace.

Perfect for: remedial and relaxation massage, a wide range of holistic/natural healing therapies and salon/spa treatments.

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artisti: Stuar Jones
kesto: 61 min